My name is Theresa and I am a Certified NLP Trainer and certified to coach the programs developed by Pip McKay in her Archetypal Coaching. My background is in the Early Childhood Industry where I have worked my way from an assistant in a Preschool to owner/Director of an Outside School Care Service.

I also have a passion for helping people create their Dream Life, which includes removing parental influences that may longer be serving them, clearing negative emotions and helping them to find their Flow so that they can use that to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

I had always wanted to be a teacher and thought it would be as a Primary School Teacher. Once I completed my Diploma, I said I wouldn’t go back and do any more training, well guess what, a few years later I went on to complete my Bachelor of Teaching Birth to 5 years. I had finally achieved that goal after about 14 years in the early childhood industry.

During the time of being a cook and an assistant, I had applied for about 6 years to do my associate diploma of children services and I was giving it 1 more shot to get in and I did. So, in short don’t give up on your dreams or goals because you don’t know if that next time is the right time for you or if there is a reason that it is taking longer than you like. I realised years later that while it took me so long to get into the course it was towards the end of the training, they retired that qualification and went to a Diploma. I was able to do a further 6 months and walk away with the latest and most up to date qualification.  

My Passion


In 2006 I was going through a breakup and depression when I came across Pip McKay and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I had gone to an intro evening and knew from that I wanted to do Practitioner Training. I completed that and knew I needed to go further so I did Master Practitioner Training a few months later. I knew there was Trainers Training, I said that I wanted to do Trainers Training with her by the end of the year and at the time Pip wasn’t running it. I got an email a few months later with the dates for Trainers Training and completed that on 26th November 2006.

For those that don’t believe dreams come true I have had it happen several times throughout my life. Setting goals isn’t always about SMART goals, there is more to it and in the case of Trainer’s Training, there was nothing I could do other than put it out to the Universe with the intention of what I wanted and let it go to work to make it happen. I set the intention, I let it go and, in all honesty, I had forgotten about it, until the email came through with the dates.

I am big on helping people achieve their dreams and to show them different ways to make it happen. It might be a routine, how to journal, being grateful, creating a vision board, creating an action plan or it may be through coaching letting go of things in their lives that are no longer serving them or finding their passion and purpose

I am a Master Practitioner Member of the NLPAA.

My Goals

To help people create the life they want

To help children find their voice

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