Here at Dragonfly Dream Coaching we will always do our coaching sessions as 1:1. The techniques we use are designed so that we take a detailed personal history and then we create a program for the person. As each person is different, no one coaching package is the same.

Have you ever found yourself saying something your parents said, when you vowed not to? Do you have a sneaking suspicion you are repeating the negative patterns of your parents or ancestors? Have you found it hard to build a healthier mindset in the areas of career, money, health or behaviour issues?

Our brains are very efficient task masters and create unconscious patterns of behaviour and thinking to streamline our day.

That means, whether they meant to or not, your parents have had a massive influence on your unconscious beliefs. Clearing parental programming is often the missing link for people who struggle to break through repetitive problems. This is not about blaming your parents, it’s about clearing the negative programming so you can fulfil your potential. This program also gives you tools for resolving relationship dramas. You will learn powerful techniques for understanding your own unique masculine and feminine energies and experience change at the deepest level. It’s time to get rid of those stubborn problems and step into your authentic self, free from negative influences. 

Imagine being clear from the negative influences from the past so you can create your empowered future

Matrix Therapies is a profound emotional healing tool for those who want to resolve negative influences, emotions and beliefs

  1. Clearing Negative Emotions and Beliefs with the Inner Child
  2. Clearing Patterns from Mum and Dad
  3. Installing Positive Archetypes of Mothering and Fathering
  4. Grief Therapies
  5. Clearing Past Relationship Influences
  6. Resolving Pain


Do you want to experience more meaning, clarity and purpose in your life?

Have you lost touch with who you are and what lights you up? Perhaps you are craving greater happiness and fulfilment? Or would you like to make an income doing something you are passionate about?

If you’ve answer yes to any of these questions, then Passion & Purpose Coaching is for you.

In this coaching  package we use the power of Archetypes to discover exactly who you are and what you are meant to do with your life. You will begin to heal old wounds and live with immense joy and excitement again. 

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